Sunday, August 26th @ 12.30pm. $40pp (including all wines and food)

Join us for a (hopefully) sunny afternoon out in the courtyard, where we'll be joined by viticulturist Dan and winemaker Michelle from Linnaea Vineyards. There'll be a tonne of delicious wine, BBQ treats, charcuterie and special bottles for you to drink in at takeaway prices all afternoon. 

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Daniel Fischl and Michelle Edwards (one plant nerd and one maker of wine), Linnaea Vineyards have created a growing body of wine works from around the world. These wines harken from the wiles of Napa Valley in California, to Bellisimo Barolo in Piemonte, to the ancient red soils of Heathcote, Victoria. The duo never cease looking for new pockets of grape goodness to stamp the Linnaea Vineyards label on.

Business partners and partners in life, they named theirwine child after their actual first born child, so they have a lot of pressure on them to make “juice that tastes good.”



Thursday 16th August, from 5.30pm. FREE EVENT

Lo-Fi wines from Victoria. 
Alternative varieties. 
Alternative styes.
Special prices on the night. 
No tickets. 
Just a shit tonne of fun :) 


Check out the following events happening at our sister venue's. 


Meet the Winemaker @ The Hills (Surrey Hills)

Tuesday 14th August, 7.00pm

$40pp, including wines and snacks throughout

Dirty Black Denim is a wine making project from brothers Tim and Lawrence Scanlon (you may have even seen Lawrence hanging out at our sister venue The Alps!) The guys aim to make great wines for great times - wines that you can happily drink in a park with your friends, in your favourite wine bar, or take to BYO night at your local fine-diner.


Giuseppe Vaira (Italy) @ The Moon (Collingwood)

Thursday, August 9th, 5-8pm

Free Tasting

Giuseppe Vaira of G.D. Vajra and Luigi Baudana will be pouring and chatting his way through a range of wines from these two great Barolo estates at this free tasting for the general public.


Primo Bellissimo @ The Moon (Collingwood)

Sunday August 19th, 12.30pm

$30pp, includes a glass of wine and a bowl of spaghetti on arrival. 

A complete Italian wine list take over - we’ll be pouring some truly magnificent wines by the glass with an even bigger selection of Italian rarities available by the bottle, all at takeaway prices. Italian disco tunes and spaghetti all day!